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RNA Quality Assessment

RNA Quality Assessment

The AGTC assesses RNA quality using the RNA Assay for the Agilent 2200 TapeStation The assay generates an electrophoretogram of the total RNA fragments, a 28S/18S ratio, and an RNA Integrity Number (RIN) which are collectively used to determine the overall quality. This service is also available in conjunction with RNA isolation services and microarray sample processing.

Requesting RNA Quality Assessment in iLabs

All AGTC services must be requested in iLabs

If you need assistance registering with iLabs, please contact Ginette Borovicka.

Log in to iLabs and navigate to the AGTC core page. Select the AGTC Service Request tab. Please ensure that you are requesting services under the correct financial account information for your submission. Select RNA Quality Assessment, then select either RNA Quality Assessment Estimate for a cost estimate for future projects/grants, or RNA Quality Assessment Request for projects ready for submission. Use the "Project Description" window to enter the projects details (ie. type of sample, number of samples, etc.) Using the Upload button below the window, upload a full sample list prepared in MS Excel. As a simple guideline, it is acceptable to label all sample tubes in numerical order, 1 to n , and indicate the corresponding proper sample ID in the sample list. When this process is complete, click save completed form.

Internal (WSU) Users: An estimated cost for requested services will be entered and submitted for your approval prior to sample submission. Once projected costs are approved by the researcher, the AGTC will initiate sample processing.

External Users: Following approval of the projected cost, a copy of a valid Purchase Order must be uploaded to your project page in iLabs before the AGTC will proceed with sample processing.

Sample Requirements

RNA samples submitted specifically for RNA quality assessment should be prepared as purified total RNA in nuclease-free water. The AGTC requires 5 microliters (ul) of each sample at an adjusted concentration within the range 50 to 100 ng/ul. Samples can be submitted in nuclease-free, labeled 0.2 ml PCR tubes or  in a properly sealed 96-well PCR plate.

RNA samples must be stored at -80°C and transported to the AGTC on dry ice.

Important Notes

  1. RNA samples submitted for RNA quality assessment in conjunction with microarray processing will be subject to the sample requirements dictated by the specific intended microarray platform.
  2. If you require RNA Quality Assessment in conjunction with RNA Isolation services, refer to the RNA Isolation section for specific sample submission requirements.

Additional Information

If needed, please contact Daniel Lott for further information regarding RNA Quality Assessment.