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DNA Quantification

General Information

The importance of accurately determining the quantity and quality of ones DNA sample is typically overlooked in the genomics research community.  With the increased sensitivity of emerging technologies, it is more important than ever to accurately assess your DNA sample prior to running your downstream genomics platforms.  For a more detailed discussion on this topic, please click here.

The Applied Genomics Technology Center (AGTC) employs two methodologies for the determination of DNA quantity/quality: The NanoDrop™ 1000 & the DropSense 96®, UV/VIS spectrophotometry-based method, and the Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer

Please direct any inquiries to Nicole Ducharme or Ruth Synowiec.

Requesting AGTC Services in iLabs

All AGTC services must be requested in iLabs

If you need assistance registering with iLabs, please contact Ginette Borovicka.

Log in to iLabs and navigate to the AGTC core page. Select the AGTC Service Request tab. A list of our areas of service will be presented to you. Find the link to the service you require and proceed. Please ensure that you are requesting services under the correct financial account information for your submission. Use the Project Description window to enter the project details (ie. type of sample, number of samples, etc.) Please include as much information as possible. You also have an option to upload a pre-written description of your project, samples, and required services.We strongly recommend visiting the service-specific sections of the AGTC website and consulting with the appropriate staff member(s) prior to requesting services. Additional information regarding iLabs can be found through the links below:

Internal (WSU) Users: An estimated cost for requested services will be entered and submitted for your approval prior to sample submission. Once projected costs are approved by the researcher, the AGTC will initiate sample processing.

External Users: Following approval of the projected cost, a copy of a valid Purchase Order must be uploaded to your project page in iLabs before the AGTC will proceed with sample processing.


Most AGTC service categories include an option for requesting an estimate. This option should only be selected for projects that will not be ready for submission within 30 days of the request, or if an estimate is required for a future grant submission. Once the estimate has been generated, the researcher is required to approve it in iLabs, confirming that it has been received, and the estimate service will be completed.

Note: The researcher will not be billed for the estimate service. Estimates are subject to change.

Sample Submission

When submitting samples for DNA quantification, the AGTC DNA Sample Submission Form must be filled out in its entirety  and uploaded into iLabs when requesting the service (there are two worksheet tabs at the bottom of the form).  Following review of the submitted sample submission form, the most appropriate quantification methodology for your sample set will be determined and sample drop off will be authorized and coordinated.